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By eliminating the damage-causing impact forces created by moving loads and objects through controlled linear deceleration, Enertrols shock absorbers let you:

Increase operating speeds Reduce stress in equipment
Increase operating loads Reduce design & fabrication costs
Increase system performance Reduce noise levels
Increase reliability INCREASE PROFITS

For years, industry was faced with the problem of stopping moving objects used in manufacturing without destroying them, or the stopping device. Everything that moves possesses kinetic energy that must be dissipated to stop movement. The heavier the object, and/or the faster it moves, the higher the kinetic energy becomes. Impact forces due to stopping become extremely high and damaging unless properly controlled.

As today's sophisticated automated machines evolved they have demanded higher operating speeds and shorter stopping times, greatly multiplying the buildup of kinetic energy and the problem of controlling it.

Some commonly used stopping devices such as springs, rubber bumpers and dashpots, add to shock loading rather than reducing it. They do not dissipate energy at a uniform rate. The moving object is subjected to high shock loading at either the end, or the beginning, of the deceleration stroke.

When stopping a moving weight or load, hydraulic shock absorbers convert kinetic energy to thermal energy (heat). The optimum operating condition occurs when this energy is dissipated at a nearly constant rate as the load is decelerated to zero velocity in the least distance in the least amount of time with no abrupt force peaks throughout the stroke. We call it controlled linear deceleration.

By installing Enertrols industrial hydraulic shock absorbers, you can reduce damaging impact forces significantly enough to permit higher speeds and production rates, thereby increasing your profits. Of all existing deceleration methods, Enertrols shock absorbers are quite simply the best and most cost-effective means to stop a moving object.